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The Sniper SelfTrack GPS is a subscription free vehicle tracking device, ideal for people that want affordable tracking but don’t want to pay the cost of subscriptions that can often work out at nearly the initial cost over a couple of years.

Once installed to the vehicle the user can locate their vehicle by sending a sms text message to the tracker which will respond by text message with a latitude and longitude; This can then be used to locate the vehicle using something like Google Maps. See an example

The Sniper SelfTrack GPS can also be connected to most car alarms* so that when the alarm is triggered it will send a text message to the owners mobile phone. If a suitable alarm is not fitted the tracker can be connected so that it alerts you if the ignition is switched on instead. The user can also dial into the tracker and immobilise the vehicle.

A discreet in car panic button is also included which will notify a pre-selected number by text message if it is pressed.

Please note that a SIM card will be required for the tracker, any contract or PAYG SIM will work.


  • GPS tracker – Locate to as accurate as 3 square meters
  • No subscription required
  • Text alert of vehicle being started or a connected alarm being triggered
  • Emergency panic button with text alert
  • Remote engine immobilisation via text message
  • Auto Track – automatically sends a text message with location every 30 seconds
  • Tow alert – sends a text message if the vehicle is moved
  • Loss of main power alert by text message
  • Built in battery backup
  • Quad band GSM capabilities
  • Unlocked – use a SIM from any mobile phone network
  • Voltage: 12 or 24 Volt

Text alerts for:

  • Vehicle being started or a connected alarm being triggered
  • Vehicle being moved
  • In car panic button
  • Main power low
  • Loss of main power

Tracking text message includes link to view location on Google maps.
See the example below.

*Alarm integration requires an alarm with a standard positive siren output or a positive pager output

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