Wireless Video Transmitter/Receiver For 5″ or 7″ Sat Nav


Easily add a wireless camera link you to your Sniper Truck Nav.

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Product Description

Wireless transmitter and receiver for our portable Truck Nav units.

Please note this product is only suitable for 12 Volt Vehicles

Allows connection of a standard reversing cameras, automatically switches screen to camera view when reversing.

Easy installation – connect transmitter power to cars reversing light circuit and plug camera into it & plug wireless dongle into the screen.

  • Wireless transmitter with male phono plug and male 3.5mm power plug for supplying power to the camera.
  • Wireless receiver with mini jack plug and USB power connector.
  • Radio Frequency 2.4 GHz range
  • Transmitter Power 12V DC
  • Receiver Powered via Sat Nav’s USB car charger
  • 75 Ohm composite video connection for camera (RCA phono)
  • Maximum range 15m in open space